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Salon and Spa Academy
Salon and Spa Academy
Their Address is :- 5707 North Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Their Offer , Financial Aid, Additional Certifications with tuition, Accredited by NACCAS, private facial rooms and more...

Welcome to the international salon and spa academy
Their have been established since 1971 and offer the most comprehensive training programs in Colorado springs.

About beena beauty salon

beauty salon
beauty salon
About beena beauty salon, beena's beauty clinic is a small warm and friendly beauty salon, based in new town Beacons field. That salon was established in 2002. they provide various professional beauty treatments at competitive prices.

They provide professional beauty treatments such as Micro-zone Treatments,Microdensitometer Diamond Peeling & Color Therapy, High frequency/galvanic treatment, Dermatological facials,non surgical face lift,men's exclusive facial,Swedish massage,Electrolysis, hot stone therapy, Aromatherapy massage,Red veins & skin tags, Threading, tinting, eyelash extensions,shellac Nail System, Reflexology, Back Cleanse , Ear piercing and Permanent hair Reduction,mineral salt scrub therapy,body foliation, thermal touch for the de collete, Breast firming treatment,Lycon waxing system, O.P.I manicure & pedicure, Body foliation, Thermal Touch for the de Collete .... This is their web site

The use of cocoa butter skin

How Cocoa Butter Helps Skin
How Cocoa Butter Helps Skin

Cocoa butter helps skin in many ways. Lubricate and protect your skin and scars disappear. Popular treatment known as they may have used for decades. And also a popular ingredient in skin care preparations. Cocoa butter is safe for use on the skin, is a natural product that is used in the kitchen. Cocoa butter is a wonderful flavour, which is expensive and time consuming, so it is useful to try.

Cocoa butter and skin

Layer of skin 3. cocoa butter called penetrates the epidermis of the skin, the top layer. You access the cocoa butter leather layers of the skin. Cocoa butter for vegetable fats than cocoa beans. It is a very effective lubricant for dry skin. As a result, the skin are natural pore space. Herbal luxury writes "is an excellent emollient cocoa on the skin will be well received." Vitamin e contributes a high degree of responsibility of the property. "You vitamins and skin to renew and restore." Cocoa butter is also an antioxidant. Antioxidant, damage caused by free radicals at the cellular level, protects the skin from toxins in the organization. Provides antioxidant properties also a natural preservative is also cocoa butter, for a long time. Cocoa butter lotions and creams can also low-stick are used.

Cocoa butter and scars

Cocoa butter for stretch marks and scars, is often recommended to delete. Many people believe that they have a to reduce the injuries and cocoa butter post. Also plastic surgery in the surgery scars. Cocoa butter advise their patients with medical evidence to help prove the SCAR and the cocoa butter, however. Centre for studies at the University of Beirut in Lebanon United States medical "x-ray Gharvidrom (stretch marks) the possibility, the development of solutions, the cocoa butter contain and are currently in use." "consider not", but there are many proofs of AR and cocoa butter, many people see an improvement in the wound several times a day on the cocoa butter. This natural product has a soft texture, is easy to install and to use.